Invite to Diner

Butterfly Table

Following the prompts of Amy Johnson Crow  for 52 weeks 52 ancestors- Week 4’s prompt is – Invite to dinner

The one ancestor I would like to have dinner with would be my 2nd great grandmother Victoria Pevito.

Victoria was the first of 16 children born to Samuel Henry Pevito and Emily Margaret Bland in 1857. She married Samuel Parish in Orange, Texas on December 11, 1872, she was 14. Her first child, James Monroe Parish was born, June 8, 1874 in East Bernard, Texas.

According to family legend, Victoria was pregnant with her second child when husband became ill and died while working on a rice farm in Wharton County in 1875. She rode horseback over 160 miles to return to live with her parents in Orange. [Parish Family History by Naomi Parish Phillips]

Victoria’s second marriage saw her face the trial of her husband who committed embezelment and murder and his death four years later while he was imprissoned.

It seems she finally found some happiness with her third husband, with whom she spent the last ten years of her life and had 4 more children.

Her strength and determination to move forward with the obsticales life placed in front of her in the late 19th century is admirable.