Favorite Name

Following the prompts of Amy Johnson Crow  for 52 weeks 52 ancestors- Week 6’s prompt is – Favorite Name

Name-Week 6

With a progeny of family names it is not difficult to choose a favorite. This name is unique and combines information from both mother and father thus tying this person to their family each day.


Larnell, [lawr-nel], is a combination of her parents names, Lawrence and Nell. Her mother originally spelled her name Laurnell however people kept prounouncing it incorrectly so the u was quickly deleted.

Having a unique name has it’s benefits and its’ disadvantages.When she was young her name caused confusion many times. However, if  pronouncing Larnell was bad trying to figure out how to pronounce her last name, Smaihall [smey-hawl], was worse.


Matriarch and Patriarch

Larnell and Doug


Currently the matriarch of the Dosch family is Larnell Smaihall Dosch. The patriarch of the Culpon family is Douglas Holmes Culpon, Jr. (aka Doug)  Larnell’s family has roots from Texas,Louisiana, Austria-Bohemia and England. Doug’s family is from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Germany and England.

Less than fifty miles separated members of both the Dosch and Culpon families in the northern  part of Yorkshire in the 19th century. We are lucky that over a hundred years later these families could unite in Texas and share their culture and heritage.

Our Families

As a family historian, documenting research and sharing stories is a goal. To advance my research and genealogical writing skills is to use the tools of the 21st century and share information on two families: the Culpon’s and the Dosch’s. These families originate from different parts of the country, Massachusetts and Texas, but thankfully came together to form my family [Doug and Melinda Culpon]. Aside from normal vital statistics, there are stories of intrigue, heroism, devotion, and courage to share.

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[1] Culpon, Horace and Ada. Photograph. Sep 1966. Digital Image. Privately held by Culpon Family Archives, [Address for Private Use,] Magnolia, Texas, 2010. [Culpon Family Photograph of Horace and Ada’s Anniversary 1966]

[2] Smaihall, Lawrence and Nell. Photograph. Ca 1970. Digital Image. Privately held by Dosch Family Archives, [Address for Private Use,] Magnolia, Texas, 2016. [Photograph of Lawrence and Nell Smaihall taken by Olan Mills in Orange, Texas