30th Birthday Celebration – Finally

Time flies when you are having fun. This is Chase Culpon celebrating his first birthday in Port Neches, Texas.Culpon-Dosch Family Archive1

Fast forward 29 years and Chase continues to enjoy celebrating his birthday with his mom.


Chase turned 30 in August 2017. Hurricane Harvey and his father’s illness disrupted planned celebrations.  Family and friends finally celebrated Chase turning 30 in December at Yakiniku Futago in New York City. His father and I are proud of the man that Chase has become.

1     Melinda and Chase Culpon , photograph, 1988, privately held by Culpon Family Archive [address for private use,] Magnolia, Texas,[Photograph taken during first birthday party of Chase Culpon, Port Neches, Texas].

2     Denise Paccagnini, Melinda and Chase Culpon Celebrating, photograph, 2017, privately held by Denise Paccagnini [address for private use], New York, New York, [Photograph taken at 30th birthday celebration of Chase Culpon at Yakiniku Futago restaurant, NYC]